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You are my sunshine

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
You make me happy when skies are gray.
You'll never know, dear, how much I love you.
Please, don't take my sunshine away.

Have you ever met someone, and just known that they would somehow change your life forever? I did.

When I was 15 and in high school, I met a boy, and although I was still so young and naive, I knew I loved him. He was tall, dark, and handsome, and had the best sense of humor. Some would say he smelled like trouble. He was rough around the edges, but never around me, and I could see straight through his tough guy exterior. He spent two months hanging out with me every morning before the school bell rang, and every afternoon after we both got off our buss. He would ride his bike two miles uphill in summer temperatures just to see me. Two months passed and we were inseparable. We had so much in common, and I had never felt so close to somebody before. We shared secrets and he became my best friend. We had good chemistry, and I could feel sparks every time he was near me.

 who still believe in miracles, and that fairy tales really can come true. I never thought Stephen would come back into my life, let alone be such a significant part of it as he is now. Sometimes good things fall a part so better things can fall together. So, if you're sitting there right now thinking about that one special person you thought you could never get back, go tell them right now how much they still mean to you.