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Tuesday's Trifle

Stopped at Jack's for a quick bite to eat yesterday while running errands.  3 women were in front of me, one was carrying a child about 10 months old.  The women appeared to be the mother of the other 2 which were much younger than her and 1 of them seemed to be the mother of the child.  All were very over weight.  I say that as an observation and not as a mean thing and it is part of the story.  They were in front of me in line and the older woman was doing the ordering. She ordered milk for the child and the mother(?) of the child said "no" she can have sodapublic relationship

They sat down and the child was given soda and chicken nuggets with fries.  No they did not share their food.  She had her own order of nuggets and fries and a soda!!!!  This was still an infant.  When my sons were small and I went to fast food, they ate the "baby" food I brought along.  Yes they may have been given a couple of fries, but they always had their own food until they were eating regular food.  I just bothered me what this infant was getting.  Soda, nuggets and frieshome storage.

* Yesterday I needed to replace one of the automatic water unit in one of the pens.  It was quite the ordeal as the bolts were rusted.  I had to pry the old water unit off the block wall.  Had to put up a temporary fix until I finish with the install.  I wont be placing it back on the wall, but on the pipe corral fence and attached to a board.  Several trips to the hardware store and the use of power tools had me close to being done.  Then it got dark.  It is cold and a bit wet today, so will have to wait until the days are a bit betterpaint roller manufacturer.

Old one.  It really only needed a new float, but it was getting pretty rusty so I thought I would just replace it.