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Positive Note

The 17 year old has been turning things around, even starting something extra starting next week to make up credits for a class he failed. He's been kind towards his brothers, doing his chores, and even doing things here and there without being asked. I almost want to ask what he did or what he wants, but I smile and simply say "thank you". The middle child is scoring high at school home furniture,

but I worry he's turning into a bit of a class clown. I keep him mentally stimulated at home, with educational games, and even simple board games so he has to think about what moves to make or do (even tic-tac-toe or checkers can be helpful in mental functions).

I know my youngest is doing well, his class is now reading on the level he started before he ever started kindergarten. Obviously academics are important to us... and why I know this is a temporary home (once the little ones are up to 6th grade the education here falls off and we'd need to move to a better place for them HTC phone cases).  

I've been catching Dr.Oz shows, and taking notes of what to do and how with the whole loosing weight thing. At this rate... worth a try to pick up healthy habits. I am trying to restructure my life, and fix me from the inside out... I even have an anon blog, where I can look back on my own notes, and keep track of weight gains and losses. I haven't written in it for a while... and haven't lost any more weight either... fell off the wagon... but getting back on company registration bvi!