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My dreams

I rarely remember my dreams. But this morning I found myself recalling this one. I hope I can remember most of it as I write this so late.

It seems I was in a city. In my dream I told myself it was NYC. I have never been to NYC.  I was walking around and I had a backpack onClaire Hsu

I saw a sign for a book store and though in reality I don't know that name, in my dream I noted it was a well known bookstore. It covered a whole block.

I crossed the street but could not find the entrance  to the book store.  But instead I found a T-shirt store that would make your shirts to order. It was like being at a rock concert in the store as there were lights flashing and loud music.  Kind of like a cross between Spencer Gifts and Hot Topic. Lol  There was a name to the store that I found strange, but since I am writing this in the evening, I can't recall the name
toughest phone case.

I then felt I needed to pee so I went looking for a bathroom.  I went back to where in the dream, I felt where I started and thought I would go to the bathroom there .  It seems in the dream I got lost and somehow passed the street I was looking for. I started to run as I had to pee really bad, and a blond girl with a backpack on passed me. I know she said something to me but I don't remember now what. I was feeling a lot of despair as I was lost (in real life I rarely get or feel that I am lost and have a great sense of direction even if I have never been there before). Then I came to an area that I recognized and felt better

It is then I work up and had to get up and go pee. Lol Drop proof phone case.

This dream was very vivid and in color and I rarely remember facts like that.