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how to be that guy

you'll know how to be that guy.
what it means to value a woman. to show her worth!
to be tender with her weakness and respectful of her equality.
to act with integrity and always be a gentle man cell phone covers.
you'll know how to treat her because you've seen how your dad treats me.

you'll know what a dad you had when someday you're getting up while it's still dark to go to work.
whether sitting at a desk or working in the blistering heat.
when you feel the weight of financial pressure closing in computer embroidery factory.
the responsibility of providing...
the fact that a dad's provision goes way beyond his mere physical work.

and on those days, when it all bears down and at times feels too much.
suddenly, in one of those moments you're going to realize...
this is what my dad did for me every single day nuskin 如新.