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Good Luck

It is playoff season again, and I know I speak for everybody in North America when I make the following statement: RAH. Because to me football is more than just a game. It is potential opportunity to see a live person lying on the ground with a bone sticking out of his leg, while the fans, to show their appreciation, perform “the wave.”

And it breeds character…remember Ronald Reagan played by Knute Rocke or was it George Gipp? dying saying, “tell the boys to win one for the Gipper?” What for? he`s dead fashion news.

This is one reason I was so excited about my Cowboys………after last year I just hope there is a movie rental place open before the second half starts.

Before I unveil my Pigskin Playoff Preview, however, I must say a few serious words here about a problem I have noticed at many, no all the college games I have seen this year, this problem has reached epidemic proportions in the world of sports, fans. I`m talking about male cheerleaders. I don`t know where you grew up, but where I grew up, there were certain things a guy didn`t do, and cheerleading is about six of them. A guy who led cheers where I grew up would have been driven around a few hours inside someone`s car trunk. Most likely Bubba Stormack`s overhead garage storage.

So you may call me insecure if you wish, but I am deeply troubled when I see young men on TV bouncing up and down on their tiptoes, clapping like sea lions, and the fact that they get to hug the female cheerleaders and sometimes pick them up by their personal regions is not, in my view, an adequate excuse. I am calling on you sports fans to write letters to the U.S. Attorney General urging him to appoint a federal commission to issue a concerned and bulky report about this issue, so that we can get back to what should be a topic of interest in sports…drugs.

Drug testing is very big in football. This is because football players are role models for young people. All young people out there want to grow up and have enormous necks and get knee operations as often as haircuts. That`s why the people in charge of football don`t want you to associate their sport in anyway with drugs. They want you to associate it with alcohol. During televised games, you will see announcements wherein famous athletes will urge you not to take drugs. Alternating with announcements wherein famous ex-athletes urge you to drink beer. Good Luck young people 2400K VIRIWARM bulb.